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Ribeiro Frio

This levada, which begins in Ribeiro Frio, is one of the first acquired by the State to irrigate the farmlands of Porto da Cruz. The walk ends with a descent to the village of Portela.

Caldeirao Verde

The levada of Caldeirão Verde is an impressive work of art built in the 18th century that begins in the main stream bed of the Caldeirão Verde brook. Passing through steep cliffs and mountains, it carries the water that runs off the highest mountains of Madeira, to be used to irrigate the farm lands of the parish of Faial.


Fantastic Levada, in the abundance of vegetation, mainly composed of laurels and heather millennia, which is home to a variety of wildlife, to reach the small lagoon 25 fountains. Have you seen the wren? The smallest bird of Madeira ...

São Lourenço

The trail follows S. Lourenço Point, the eastern-most peninsula of Madeira island, named after the caravel sailed by João Gonçalves de Zarco, one of the three discoverers of Madeira island, who on coming near this piece of land shouted to his ship “São Lourenço, that’s enough!”.


Pico Do Areeiro

This 12km walk has a duration of about 5 hours and connects two of the highest peaks of Madeira Islands, this is a stunning walk, involves tunnels, and some steep ascents and descents, with fabulous views of the central core of the mountains.

This trail connects two of the highest peaks of Madeira Island, Pico Ruivo (1862 m) and Pico do Areeiro (1817 m).

Levada Do Rei

In the northern part of the island, this route is linear but makes a return by the outward route. There are tunnels on this walk, for which a torch is essential. The first part of the trail follows the levada through an afforested area, but offers spectacular views of the São Jorge and Santana farmlands.

Levada Do Moinho

At the south-western end of the island, the Levada do Moinho once served several watermills, and was a ‘private’ levada for the use of those who paid to have it constructed.


Levada da Referta is a walk in the north of the island, in Porto da Cruz village. During the walk you will find hand-worked farm camps, and you will be able to observe various types of vegetables, potatoes, fruits and people working in the farm fields.



The Levada dos Maroços takes hikers on a fascinating journey of discovery of the cultures and traditions of Madeira. The beautiful landscapes of this route are mainly composed of agricultural land and crops carefully worked, complemented with views over the city of Machico.

Quinta Grande - Boa Morte

Along this trail we see some of the exotic flora of the island: eucalyptus, acacia, pines and many wild flowers. The views of the landscape are dominated by farm lands, the fields consisting of terraces, called poios by the locals, and intermingle with panoramic views over the sea and the parish of Campanário.

Private Walks Available

Experience Madeira through the eyes of a local private guide! We can arrange a private service for transfers and tours. 

Please reach us out and we will book you in straight away.

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